what is holzweg...

Björn Holzweg, born 1979 in Leipzig, lives and works in Hamburg since 2004. His paintings, sculptures, drawings and aquarelles are mainly shaped very graphically. He deals a lot with simple geometrical figures. For him, they are symbollic for our society: calculating, repeating and everlasting. With repetitive arrangements of those, he creates new spaces and dimensions. Thereby he breaks away from conventional image builups with vanishing points. Holzwegs art isn´t interested in one kind of message. Instead he wants to adress the most diverse types of people and study their different reactions to his works.

Björn Holzweg has participated in various group exhibitions in Germany and in other European countries and has had solo exhibitions including in Hamburg, Berlin, Lucerne and Tel-Aviv.


Selected group shows

katzen gehen immer with            -affenfaust gallery, hamburg
1010, doppeldenk, elmar lause
heiko müller, base 23
and many more 
millerntor gallery #4                    - st.pauli stadium, hamburg
*knoten.13 art- festival                -kolbenhof, hamburg             
*Gumsenplü with
 Patrick Farzar, Nils
 Knott, Nils Kasiske,
 Björn Holzweg                            -feinkunst krüger, hamburg
*mg #3 overtime                          -heliumcowboy gallery, hamburg
*millerntor gallery #3                   -st.pauli stadium, hamburg

*support your local heroes 5        -aplanat gallery, hamburg
*apephilharmonie                       -affenfaust gallery, hamburg
*reclaim your city                       -gängeviertel, hamburg
*vivaconagua                              -millerntor gallery2, st.pauli stadium, hamburg
*unesco                                      -welttag der kulturellen vielfalt, leipzig
*support your local heros 3         -halb acht gallery, hamburg

*viva con agua                            -millerntor gallery, st.pauli stadium, hamburg
*support your local heros 2         -halb acht gallery, hamburg
*reuse project 4                         -tel aviv, israel

*Kupferdiebe exhibition             -gängeviertel, hamburg
*inspiration art festival              -tel aviv, israel
*komm ins museum                    -altonaer museum, hamburg 
*support your local heros           -halb acht gallery, hamburg

*art convention finkenau           -tide, hamburg
*reuse project 3                        -tel aviv, israel
*komm in die gänge                  -gängeviertel, hamburg
*gänge group show                    -waagenbau, hamburg
*grünanlagen festival                -wilhelmsburg, hamburg
*players live                             -forum altona, hamburg
*end2end, urban-art festival     -hafenklang, hamburg

Selected solo shows
*sherwood forest                      -affenfaust gallery, hamburg

*holzweg solo show                   -affenfaust gallery, hamburg
*holzweg solo show                   -satellite exhibition during the fumetto festival-

*holzweg solo show                   -halb acht gallery, hamburg
*book release                           -"Ohne Dich" Ein Holzweg Bilderbuch
                                                 at www.Ausnahmeverlag.de

*holzweg ikonoblasten              -modul1 gallery, flensburg
*holzweg solo show                   -halb acht gallery, hamburg
*holzweg solo show                   -mastul e.V., berlin

*holzweg solo show                  -halb acht gallery, hamburg

*holzweg solo show                  -assoonas gallery, hamburg